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    May 17, 2013
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awesomely good or bad prom memories. tweet them to fox friends first. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> goodbye. >>gretchen: good morning. it is friday, may 17, 2013. thanks for sharing your time. i'm gretchen carlson. another i.r.s. bombshell. the woman overseeing the targeting of conservative groups now in charge of obamacare for the i.r.s. think that is a coincidence? we will report and you decide. >>steve: the hits keep coming. brand-new reports, the department of justice just lost two known or suspected terrorists. and they could have been on the last flight you were on. they could be on your flight later today. >>brian: they might be my neighbor. >>steve: what happened? we'll try to put it all together for you. >>brian: sorry for interrupting you. an exclusive look at a convicted killer. jodi arias's jail cell as
she awaits her fate. pink sheets. number clippings and a cat? we'll take you inside. >>steve: a cat? sorry for interrupting. >>brian: we're even. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: what kind of a jail do you get to keep a cat in? >>gretchen: i don't know. i'm not sure i'd want to wake up to that noise. >>brian: i'm more of a dog guy. >>gretchen: how about some nice little lull-a-bye music. >>brian: like trace adkins? >>gretchen: yes. >>brian: he's getting taller. >>gretchen: he might be getting bulkier. >>steve: he's got a new album. the finale of the apprentice series will be coming out. meanwhile, get this. the -- we've been telling
you about the i.r.s. scandal and how they have been targeting conservative, tea party, stuff like that. turns out the woman in charge of cracking down on the 501-c reports, sarah ingraham, she is no longer in the job of cracking down on conservatives. she is in charge of running the obamacare office at the i.r.s. what possibly could go wrong there? holy cow. >>gretchen: unbelievable. when this story started to break, one of the concerns that would be the caveat is, and by the way, the i.r.s. is going to be in charge of obamacare. remember that? maybe that would make people feel a little uneasy. to think that the same woman who is accused of targeting these tea party and conservative groups and religious groups who spoke out against the government, to think she is now going to be in charge of the same division of the same people who spoke out against obamacare, she is going to have to go against about
50% of the country. >>brian: i feel bad for joe grant. joe grant takes her place in cleveland. he had the job for a week, and he got fired -- sorry. i forgot about that eighth day. he's been told to take a walk. he only had the job for a week. >>gretchen: he was within the i.r.s. before then. how do you know he wasn't also responsible? we don't know yet how many people -- >>brian: why does he have to get fired? why not fire the whole division. the people above him get a raise and a bonus and he gets fired. >>steve: this is a little scary. just think about the nexus of i.r.s. with health care and the fact that she -- keep in mind, one of the things from the i.g. report was one of the problems with the i.r.s. was they blamed ineffective management. she was the management, and now she's running obamacare at the i.r.s. going forward, just imagine, you go in and you're trying to get a
doctor's appointment; right? and they go, we see from your tax records -- how would that possibly be possible? we see from your tax records that you support the tea party or conservative group. you want a doctor's visit? three weeks. you want hip replacement? four years. >>gretchen: i think the big issue for me this morning is that she didn't come to that job on her own. somebody is directly putting her in that position after what she did to the conservative groups. people knew about this. it's not like this i.g. report just came up within the last five days. somebody in power said she did such a good job potentially targeting these groups that now we're going to put her in charge of obamacare. that to me is -- >>steve: somebody didn't know about the i.g. report and that was the president of the united states. he was asked yesterday point-blank did anybody at the white house know that this was coming.
anybody at the white house. it was general. however, the way he answers it has a lot of suspicions raised this morning. listen to this. >> i can assure you that i certainly did not know anything about the i.g. report before the i.g. report had been leaked through -- to the press. typically i.g. reports are not supposed to be widely distributed or shared. they tend to be processed, that everybody is trying to protect the integrity of. >>steve: he was asked did anybody know? he said i didn't know. he focused in on the i.g. which was not part of the question. >>gretchen: it sounds like a line that had been rehearsed and probably lawyered up before it was delivered. here's the thing, two things. wenda goaler, a reporter at the white house was able to talk to jay carney off camera and he says the white house had been aware of this for some time.
is that why the president said "i have not been aware of it"? here is the other problem with it. how is the press going to report it? because he suggested that he only knew about it, or only knew about the report, the i.g. report. but here was the headline from "the washington post." at a press conference thursday, obama reiterated he did not know about i.r.s. targeting of conservative groups before an i.g. general report was leaked to the news media. that's not what he said. it does come down to how it's actually reported too. >>brian: i'm going to be watching when you see steve miller, who is going to be losing his job in two weeks, he is going to be grilled today on capitol hill in front of the senate finance committee. and that is going to be just the tkpwepbg. both sides -- going to be just the beginning. because both sides have a reason to feel they have to ask direct questions of the i.r.s. >>gretchen: he was not there at the beginning of the whole thing when it started. >>brian: if my time line is correct, i would say this. when he was asked, he
didn't know. two months later he found out and didn't come forward. so if he really was a man of ethics and values as it appears from the time line, he would say you asked me two months ago and i just found out we were targeting tea party groups and some religious groups. >>steve: and he can start to connect some of the dots. given the fact that the way the president answered the question of the reporter about did anybody at the white house know, he was so cagey about it, charles krauthammer had this astute observation last night on special report. >> he says i didn't know about the i.g. report. well, if you didn't know about any of this, never heard any complaints, then he would have said i don't know anything about this at all. the i.g. is a peculiar answer by a guy who we have seen for weeks now, he and his spokesman, parsing words in a way that make clinton look unsophisticated. >>brian: one other point regarding the woman now in
charge of i.r.s. obamacare. she did such a good job cracking down on people she got $103,000 worth of bonuses from the federal government. we found out earlier president bush cited her and singled her out for distinguished service award where she got $46,900. president bush liked her and it seems as though president obama loves her. i did not know this but for the past four decades we have had an international witness protection list. if you come clean and tell us about terrorist action, we'll give you a new identity and send you on your way. even provide protection. in theory, this seems like a solid idea to crack open terror cells if it's implemented correctly. >>gretchen: and if you don't lose the two terrorists which is now the allegation. i'm surprised how many inspector general reports are going on within our government. here's another inspector general report for the u.s. department -- >>brian: at least they're doing a good job.
>>gretchen: you might ask why do they need to be doing all these investigations. here's another one. released another report, two guys that went into witness protection now missing. the department of justice is denying they're actually missing. >>steve: here's the thing -- >>brian: and we can't find them. >>steve: this program is from the u.s. marshals service. for years, remember somebody was going to testify against the mob. we're going to take you into the witness protection program. we're going to give you a new identity. what happened here was they started taking these terrorists or suspected terrorists or people who could squeal on other terrorists, come in the program. we're going to give you a new identity. the problem was the sherrifs people didn't tell the people who had the no fly list. people who were suspected terrorists flying around. crazy. >>gretchen: we have a lot to talk about today, including more headlines. russia raised the stakes in syria in a frightening way.
a report just out says russia sold advanced cruise missiles to the syrian government, another sign of their support for president assad. russia has given them missiles in the past but these are outfitted with advanced radar that makes them more effective in targeting ships. a man convicted of murder after his victim identified him by blinking. the victim was paralyzed after being shot and was only able to communicate through blinking. he was able to identify this man, ricardo wood. he blinked three times when he saw his photo. the victim unfortunately died two weeks later. an uzbek national arrested on terrorism charges. the f.b.i. raided the apartment of the 30-year-old in idaho. they say he was conspiring with a terror group in his home country to use a weapon of mass destruction. he reportedly had all the ingredients needed to make a bomb. >> what's going on here just gives me chills. even now talking about it.
goose bumps and the hair on the back of my head. >>gretchen: he is in the united states legally. brand-new video from inside jodi arias's prison criminal. notice the pink bed sheets, newspaper clippings. arias also has newspapers, paper bags and books, even a picture of a cat. that was the reason for that. okay. arias is only allowed out of her cell for one hour a day. this video was obtained by fox the same day her trial was delayed. the judge unexpectedly sent home the jury yesterday. jurors are still trying to decide whether arias will die or get life in prison for her murder conviction. the trial expected to resume on monday. >>brian: 11 minutes after the hour. just file this under dumb criminals. >> 911, state your emergency. >> i saw [inaudible] >>brian: a couple of crooks called the cops on
themselves. >>steve: about time. she was in charge of the i.r.s. tea party crackdown. now the same woman is running obamacare. would you trust her with your health records and your tax records? stuart varney, i'm going to bet would say no. bet would say no. he's next.
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>> this week will mark the 37th time house republicans have tried to repeal obamacare. if republicans really want to do away with obamacare, sherbd endorse it as a -- they should endorse it as a conservative nonprofit. let the i.r.s. take it down. that's what you do. >>gretchen: many people feel the opposite of that. another bombshell hitting the i.r.s. we've learned the official who was in charge of the i.r.s. department that targeted conservative groups is now run the agency's obamacare implementation office. stuart varney is here to weigh in. >> it is a true outrage. i think that word has been overused but not in this instance. the same person who ran the office that targeted the i.r.s., targeted tea party people, conservative people, that very same person, sarah hall ingraham, is now running the i.r.s. office which is policing obamacare. in other words, she is
going to be collecting personal, highly personal information from each and every one of us next year. and she is in charge of that operation. now that, to me, is incredible and flatout outrageous. >>steve: what could possibly go wrong? >> sarcasm is a low form of wit. if you abuse the taxpayer in one instance politically, what's to stop you from doing exactly the same thing with your personal health care information? is there anything more intimate and personal than that? >>gretchen: my question this morning is who put her in that position? they obviously thought she did a spectacular job, you would guess, in targeting conservatives. >> she was commissioner of the tax collection office from 2009-2012. in 2012 right before the election she was shifted to this job with the i.r.s. overseeing obamacare. let's not forget, on your tax return that you make out next year -- 2014 --
you've got to list a whole lot of personal information about your health insurance. and you've got to put it right there. at the same time your doctor is going to be putting on-line your entire medical history. what's to stop the i.r.s. jumping from this section to that section? what's to stop them? >>brian: there is already a liberal group which said the tax-exempt division of the i.r.s. gave them documents on conservative groups, including karl rove's group. >> the answer here is to defund the i.r.s. operation as it relates to obamacare. dean heller, republican nevada, he has introduced that legislation. >>gretchen: congressman forbes has as well and he's going to be a guest. >>steve: the interesting thing about sarah ingraham, since she headed up the division of the i.r.s. that cracked down on the tea party people, she knows who above her cooked up that scheme.
>> bring her in front of congress. ask the question. >>brian: i salute you stuart. when they said david beckham is going to retire, i said stuart is calling in sick. >> that man is covered with tattoos and you know how i feel about tattoos. >>brian: he can play. a tattoo of your country. >> i am an american. >>brian: your former nation. >> he's got nothing on messi. >>gretchen: he does look good in underwear. >> you don't know who i'm talking about, do you? lionel messi. >>gretchen: we've got to go. we'll watch you at 9:20. it could be a stunning day in court in las vegas. o.j.'s legal team may call a surprise witness. >>steve: americans doing
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>>steve: quick friday morning headlines. a warning for anybody who dates on-line, brian. a woman -- you know -- >>brian: did he just say i do on-line dating? >>steve: a woman from orlando missing after going on a date with somebody she met on the internet. 28-year-old theresa halley hasn't been seen since sunday. a warning to everybody. >> prosecutors trying to bring a surprise witness on
the o.j. simpson trial. a lawyer who was on the 2008 case also expected to testify. simpson claims he was too drunk to understand what was going on during the hotel room heist. mr. kilmeade. >> dismissed! >>brian: that was the flying thunderbirds at last year's air force academy graduation. they timed it perfectly. thanks to the sequester their wings will be clipped. but now another group stepping up to do what the government has chosen not to do. saving the flyover for the 2013 graduating class. we're joined by a man who's helping to make that happen. tyson vogel. he's the president of the texas flying legends museum. tyson, thanks so much for joining us. you heard about this. what action are you taking? >> good morning, brian. thanks for having us on. we're conducting the flyover for the united states air force academy because we believe that the
cadets deserve to be honored as well as their family members and all those people that sacrificed to help get those young men and women there. >>brian: you're not just flying over. you're doing it with very special planes? >> we fly world war ii aircraft. we believe we can't be too busy to care about our history nor our future. we take these across the country to inspire young people and honor those who came before us to make america great. >>brian: i know you guys are flying for free but there's gas involved and other expenses. how are you making up for that? >> there's a lot of expenses. our complete operation is driven completely by donations. >>brian: donations allow you the budget in order to do this. and people support what you're doing. what's been the reaction from the academy? >> it's been overwhelming. some of the letters that we've been receiving from parents are very humbling and they just reenforce what we're doing is important.
and we are very proud to do it. and we're proud to tell the story of the men and women who saved the world in world war ii. >>brian: i think it is also important to know that the that a lot of people think thunderbirds and blue angels are paying the price for some political gains. do you feel that way? >> we're an apolitical organization. we're just glad we're able to participate and we're glad we can fill the void. although the sequester has prevented the jet teams from flying, it gives organizations like ours to stand up and do something for our country, and we're proud to do that. >>brian: who taught you to fly like that? >> actually i'm not even a pilot. i'm a former army officer who jumped out of plenty of airplanes. we've got pilots from across the country that fly in to fly our airplanes. so i'm a pilot in training. >>brian: just the maintenance involved has to be costly. your organization had to help? >> yes. texas flying legends.
go on-line and there are plenty of ways folks can donate. and we appreciate any level of donation helps us out. >>brian: we'll link that to thanks so much, appreciate it, tyson. a great thing you're doing. meanwhile, 26 minutes after the hour. hundreds of thousands of people cut their locks for love, but could it all go for naught? controversy hitting the popular charity this when it came to ur plants, we were so confused.
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>>steve: on this friday morning, exclusive new video of one of the twisters that tore through north texas two days ago leaving six people dead. we now know 16 twisters in all touched down and today crews will be back out searching for seven people who are still missing. anna kooiman is live on the ground in hood county with a look at the devastation. anna, good morning. >> good morning. one of those twisters confirmed by the national weather service an es-4 packing winds up to 200 miles per hour. you want to know how powerful that is? these stairs i'm on are the stairs for this house.
residents say the neighbors who lived inside escaped ten minutes before the roof was ripped off their home. some said they heard sirens, others didn't. but the consensus is these twisters came in fast. >> the wind kicked up real hard on the outskirts of the funnel. me and my buddy thought we were going to pass away last night. we thought we were going to die. >> chad griffin and his buddy out fishing catching this exclusive video of hail, they say some pieces larger than the size of grapefruit, making splashes eight feet tall -- no audio. >>gretchen: she lost her signal. we'll check back in. anna will be there all day to report on the devastation. meantime, let's go to maria molina because she's tracking i guess what could be more storms coming that way. >> that's right. good morning. in that same disturbance that produced severe weather across parts of texas headed e
could produce severe weather across parts of alabama and mississippi. a brand-new storm could be more powerful and produce more severe weather, more widespread from texas up into sections of the midwest as we head into the next couple of days. first i want to show you the forecast for granbury, texas, where that es-4 tornado was confirmed. we're looking at very hot temperatures into the afternoon hours. 98 degrees will be your high temperature on saturday. that is not good news. many people without homes like you saw from anna's report and also without air conditioning, so we hope these people go ahead and find a place or shelter where they do have that air conditioning and also stay hydrated. we have that risk for severe storms, very isolated across parts of mississippi and alabama. our next storm system is going to exit the rockies, could already produce isolated storms today across sections of south dakota and wyoming. again, it's going to be into saturday into sunday and into monday that all the ingredients will come into place. very warm, humid air ahead
of this system. behind it much drier air. that will produce a violent severe weather outbreak as we head into the next couple of days. some of the cities impacted on saturday oklahoma city. on sunday the storm system is going to be a very slow mover. oklahoma city, wichita, kansas city, you could be looking at more strong storms. take a look at monday. north central texas could be hit again by more severe weather. we'll keep a watch on this over the next couple of days. steve, gretchen and brian. >>gretchen: thanks, maria. >>steve: could be trouble in tornado alley. >>gretchen: some headlines for you now. 625 thousand dollars worth of gold van sheurbs on -- vanishes on the tarmac of one of the nation's busiest airport. the plane's cargo was unloaded by five crew members and put on a cart.
that cart was later found empty. the f.b.i. now investigating five airport workers. >>steve: happier news this morning for the new york city couple whose nanny is accused of murdering their two children. the couple just announced they're expecting a child. they wrote -- quote -- "we are filled with many emotions as we look to the future. but the most important one is hope. we are very grateful to all of you for your amazing support," they wrote on their facebook account. the nanny's lawyer claims she is mentally unstable to stand trial. >>brian: a shocking accusation that the cancer charity locks of love had millions of donations they cannot account for. locks of love says it doesn't count donations but denies any waste. >>gretchen: here's a
sure-fire way to get caught red handed butt dialing the police. >> 911. state your emergency. >> [inaudible] give me a hand [inaudible] >>gretchen: the two suspects in fresno, california, accidentally dialed 911 while the phone was in one of their pockets. the dispatcher listened for 35 minutes. you heard them smashing a car window to steal prescription drugs and planning to go back and search it again. the pair was pulled over while still on the phone and arrested. i've done my share of butt dialing but i don't think i've ever called 911. i don't think i was ever breaking into a car -- >>brian: we don't have footage of you or we would have aired it. >>steve: we had problems with our live shot out in hood county, texas. anna kooiman joins us live once again.
>> i've got to show you this video. exclusive cell phone video from chad griffin. he was out fishing with a buddy on a local lake nearby and all of a sudden incredible hail starts falling from the sky. some pieces they say bigger than the size of group fruit making slashes eight feet high. then they captured the actual twister coming in. this exclusive video as well. the sherrif of hood county saying six people are dead. two of them are in their 80's. seven people are still unaccounted for and hundreds injured. i want to show you video of a roof that was torn off of a cabinet shop in an apartment. a 19-year-old, brandon durant and his friend side side -- his friend outside working on their cars when the storm rolled in. >> it was about a mile wide. i put my seat belt on and that was it. >> i can tell you that the roosters are still getting up. people are still going to be waking up.
it's a littlerly this morning but they have -- it is a little early this morning but they have a big mess on their hands. a lost these folks don't have insurance and are scrambling for places to stay. the red cross has been on site and a lot of grass roots volunteer groups as well trying to help out. >>gretchen: thanks very much, anna. time to step in the fox light. there is a new american idol. and the winner is? >> the winner of american idol season 12 is candice candice -- >>gretchen: i thought we were going to be at our 7:00 hour before he said who the winner was. good to see you.
i guess it could have gone either way; right? >> it was very close. candice glover, 23 years old from south carolina becomes the first female idol winner in six years. her jazzy r&b style was a panel favorite and america agreed. i think we've got her sound on tape. if people are unfamiliar with her, here they are. ♪ >> there is the runner-up. cree harrison, 22 from texas. country singer. both will have huge, huge careers. >>gretchen: it was a star-studded night. >> aretha franklin, they had them all out. >>brian: now they're talking about taking a year off as all four judges
leave? >> this came under a lot of criticism because ratings have been shrinking year to year. in the era of on demand and d.v.r.'s it's all about sports programming and event program. american idol is event program. >>brian: they might knock it down to one day? >> probably going to be a smaller big show. >>steve: so far nikki menage and randy already quit? >>steve: -- >> randy and keith are still on the fence. >>gretchen: next on the rundown, discount you? the new way colleges are trying to boost enrollment. parents, you want to hear this one. >>brian: congress is sick of supporting obamacare. kathleen sebelius found another way for funding.
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have criminal convictions, 622, 32 had multiple felony convictions. good news for people suffering sticker shock over tuition costs. many schools are offering discounts to new students including the university of maryland. the reason apparently is a drop in enrollment. steve? >>steve: well, it looks like the obama administration is having trouble funding obamacare so now they're calling on corporate america for some help. you know, corporate america, the 1% the administration has been attacking. isn't that -- is that legal? that's the question we're going to pose right now to maryland congressman andy harris who joins us right now. congressman, so what is secretary sebelius doing exactly? >> well, apparently what she's doing is she is calling up health care executives and basically shaking them down for a million dollars and more to contribute to nonprofits who are going to help with
obamacare implementation. >>steve: is that legal? >> no, it's not legal. this was the whole basis of the iran contra affair 25 years ago, was whether or not the government can find ways to fund government activities through the private sector. it's not legal, but the secretary has been known to do illegal things before. last fall during the campaign on official trips, she did campaigning. actually had to admit it was breaking the law and had to reimburse the government. >>steve: that's right, when she violated reportedly the hatch act, which makes it illegal for people in public service to do some politicking. what's interesting is it sounds like the people there in her department are up against a roadblock because those -- you know, those bad guys in the congress, those republicans won't give the administration millions and millions of more dollars to implement obamacare. and why won't you give them the money? >> obamacare is a failed policy. it's collapsing. it's crumbling. the promises were that it was going to be more
affordable. we found out premiums are going up 50% on young healthy people. supposed to be less red tape. a pile of regulations and growing. the i.r.s. is going to implement it and enforce it. it's collapsing. >>steve: we have a quotation from the secretary's office. quote, "the secretary has been working with a full range of stakeholders who share in the mission of getting americans the health they need and deserve. we have always worked with outside groups." they say this is all legal, but who are some of the groups that have already donated some of the money? >> the two that have admitted are h & r block and the robert wood johnson foundation. there are more executives who told the press they have been shaken down for more than $1 million. these are health care executives whose companies are directly regulated by the secretary of h.h.s. and that's the chicago
shakedown brought to the potomac. >>steve: what are you going to do about it? >> i've written a letter along with two other members of the appropriations subcommittee asking them to explain and provide records of who's been spoken to, who's been solicited. we're going to wait for a response. if not, i'm sure our oversight committees are going to bring secretary sebelius back to the hill. >>steve: interesting h & r block would donate a bunch of money to this. we know the woman in charge there at the i.r.s. and cracking down on the 501-c-4 organizations like the taoepts and stuff like -- like the tea parties and stuff like that now she is in charge of the unit that is going to implement obamacare. what do you think about that? >> kind of scary. our worst fears have come to roost. the i.r.s. is going to be entrusted with your health care records, your health history, your family history. and now given that she just went -- literally she ran
that division while this whole fiasco was going on. now she's going to run the obamacare enforcement division. it's scary. >>steve: what could possibly go wrong? congressman andy harris from maryland, thank you for joining us on this friday morning. >> my pleasure. >>steve: exactly 11 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, actor dean cane. superman. he has something to say you don't normally hear coming out of hollywood. he's got common sense. we've been hearing a lot about gas prices coming down. now they're heading north in a big way. what you need to know before hitting the road before hitting the road this weekend. new honey bunches of oats greek yogurt and whole grain. here we go. honey cornflakes and chunks of greek yogurt. i'm tasting both the yogurt and the honey at the same time. i'm like digging this yogurt thing.
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>> gretchen: have money in your fork new york? then this has been your month. this is the fourth week in a row wall street hit record highs. joining me new is lauren. they love the printing of money, right? >> they do. we had a minor setback yesterday because the regional said maybe the fed would pull back on the drug, that stimulus that the market loves so much. but today futures are flying. we're up four weeks in a row and investors making money this year. up 16% fort broader market. we won't be scary to check your 401(k). >> gretchen: all right. what about gas prices? it's interesting how the market continues to soar, yet gas price continue to soar. >> especially in the past month, 3.62 this morning of the that's up a dime in just the past month. the issue is not supply. we are headed into the peak
driving season when more folks hit the road. the reason we're seeing gas prices so much higher now is because of refinery issues in the midwest. that one region causing a spike in national gas prices. let's look at some cities seeing astronomical increases at the pump. minneapolis, up 76 cents this month. they have more expensive gasoline than los angeles, as well chicago. when do you ever hear that? milwaukee, cincinnati, des moines, iowa. look at those increases that we are seeing so far this month. you know what? they're probable lea going to go even further north because demand will start picking up because it's summer. >> gretchen: usually they're on the two different coast. let's talk about flying because it seems that airlines -- i think i saw a figure they earned $6 billion in all these extra fees that they've been putting onto the consumer. >> yes. >> gretchen: american airlines will let the light packers board early. what does that mean. >> yeah. that's baggage were 3 1/2 billion last year. american airlines actually
started those fees five years ago. but now they're rewarding travelers who travel light. if off small bag, you can board first, not american, if that bag fits under the seat. if you have one to go overhead, it's free if you check it at the gate. the big question is now, will other airlines follow suit? we have to see. but that is in effect right now if you pack light, you board first on american. >> gretchen: the caveat, would that mean your bag is right there when you walk off the airplane. a lot of people will do it if that's the case. >> i'm pretty sure you have at that wait at the carousel. for the vacationer with extra time to spare, could be good news for you and your wallet. >> gretchen: what's going to be next? i'm scared to think about it. lauren, thanks much. have a great weekend. >> you, too. >> gretchen: she saw her four-year-old being snatched from her front yard. she sprung into action, chasing the kidnapper and ramming him with her car. plus, it's no ordinary day at the ballpark for which girl.
she thought she was electric to throw out the -- there to throw out the first pitch. but who is behind the pitcher's mask
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's friday, tgif, may 17, 2013. happy birthday to my little girl out there who is ten today. happy birthday. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're having a great day and i hope my daughter does, too. if you thought the irs scandal couldn't get worse t just did. the woman who led the targeting of the tea party got a promotion, in charge of
implementing obamacare. is this a coincidence? >> brian: they can not keep track of known terrorists. how were two were lost and could have been on your last flight. >> steve: and she has the secret to staying young forever. meet the 101-year-old woman right there, good morning, ma'am. what is her secret to life and youth? you're going to find out very shortly. by the way, she still goes to the gym every day. "fox & friends" hour two for friday starts right now. >> steve: she's going to be an inspiration to everybody. >> gretchen: she's going to take you guys on on those treadmills. good morning, gertrude. we'll talk to her in just a moment. we have big breaking news this morning about the irs obamacare bombshell. here it is, you probable lea
couldn't think of this or invent this any better than the reality of what it is, which is the woman who was in charge of those tea party targeting efforts through the irs, sarah hall ingram, has recently been promoted to the position of being in charge of the irs's role with obamacare. >> steve: of course. >> gretchen: it happened right before the election after she was in charge of those conservative targeting over the last maybe three years or so and now she's going to be in charge of all that personal information, your health records. is that a coincidence? a political payoff or something else? >> steve: well, senator mike lee was on with greta last night and says her appointment to this job, no mistake. >> a few years ago, some groups started putting themselves together as a result of the fact that they were afraid about the fact that the federal government was about to get a lot bigger and more expensive as a result of obamacare. they started speak their minds and all of a sudden, the ruling class in washington got scared
and it started retaliating before this movement could gain too much momentum and that's why this happened. and it's no coincidence, greta, that the irs, which is about to become a lot more powerful as a result of obamacare, was threatened by these groups that were trying to undermine obamacare. >> brian: evidently sarah ingram has done a good job in the past. in 2004, george bush cited her for merit orial service. in terms of what she's done and how, the fact that lollies learner is beinged skewered, it got worse in 2012. she's going to be put out front and center. are we going to see sarah ingram out there and will people have a chance to question her on her approach to her job? >> steve: maybe she wound up getting federal bonuses 'cause she's good soldier. what's curious is, why hasn't she been fired? remember the president of the united states said a couple of
days ago, i'm going to hold everybody responsible for this targeting of conservatives if it's true. we know it's true. they've already apologized. but why is she on the job and yet, the fellow who replaced her, who has been on the job for eight days, joe grant, he's winding up taking the fall for that position. not her. she's now running obamacare in the irs. some are suggesting this joe grant character was put in that job -- >> brian: he had it for a week! >> steve: he had it for eight days. he was put there so they could fire him and sweep it under the table. that's something floating around this morning. >> gretchen: one of the reasons you might fire people is if you don't want them to talk. if you don't want them to tell what was going on. also, the guy -- president obama is putting in charge of the entire irs, it's interesting, he's only going to be serve not guilty that position through september. so he's going to clean up the irs in the next three months? i don't understand why somebody would take this huge job --
there he is, also the president said he didn't think it was important enough to have a special counsel to investigate the irs. i find that very interesting. >> brian: talked to senator manchin and he said this reminds him of the epa. he said coal companies that he represents in west virginia, they've also been targeted with an aggressive regulatory regulation. i think that's why this thing could get a lot bigger. the irs, epa, it seems very similar. >> steve: you know what? you've got debt and taxes now under the same umbrella of sorts. meanwhile, it's interesting because there is a guy who runs umbrella group for over 200 tea party organizations out in ohio. he says that big media has actually apologized to him. his name is tom. he coordinated for 233 tea party
groups in ohio. he tried orgeat the media interested in, hey, do you know the irs is targeting my organization? he's been trying to get them interested for a couple of years. they say, tom that, is too over the top and now a big newspaper and a big other news entity have actually apologized for not taking him seriously. that's fantastic. a little late, but still fantastic. >> brian: those organization, they're still going to get sued. this is going to be the story of the next few weeks. all these organizations that said we never could get on track, it's been nine months of harrowing and costly follow-ups with the irs, they're going to turn around and get an attorney and they're going to sue the irs. basically we finance the irs, so we're ultimately going to be paying for it. >> gretchen: the overarching theme is what kind of organizations were not allowed to coalesce as a result of not being able to get 501 c 4 status, because was that a direct effort to keep the tea
party from become a growing force in the 2012 election? so many tentacles. >> steve: and this guy also said, the tea party guy said this is vindication for us. he says they've been saying things that are equally false about tea party members, about the racist claims, homofolks and other trash that came from the left. he said, the fact that now the irs is in some measure owning up to the fact that they were targeting the tea party, that is sweet for them. >> brian: a little seen press conference, the state department talked about benghazi. for the longest time you brought it up, you had a political agenda. now you see that the talking points was not a figment of anyone's imagination. do you have a situation where the state department, the c.i.a., and the white house together reshaped the talking points and messed with the realityies the c.i.a. knew that took place on the ground. so yesterday jen, spokes, came
forward and made it clear it was the c.i.a. that changed the talking points, as if we didn't see these 100 e-mails. listen. >> it does confirm that these were c.i.a. drafted and c.i.a. finalized talking points and that a number of the concerns raised in this building were separately, on a different track, raised in that building as well. i leave that to all of you and to others to determine whether it equals the concern, but i think it certainly does put a lot of facts and clarity for people. >> gretchen: wasn't that the mission from the beginning, to be able to hook the c.i.a., to be able to say it was the c.i.a. who did it? i think that may be was the mission from the beginning because most people would believe the c.i.a. right? they were on the ground. they were investigating. the problem is that there is this chain of e-mails that shows the state department and the white house were also involved. the question that i still have never been able to get answered is, who actually made the final
decision about the final draft of the talking points? who is supposed to make, in the pock order -- >> brian: you mean the white house or c.i.a.? >> gretchen: right. >> steve: the deputies they had, and there is a lot of gray area with that. but what she said in that briefing was true. the c.i.a. did draft it and the c.i.a. did change it. the thing is, the c.i.a. handed them, the administration, here are the talking points. the admiration, in particular hillary clinton state department, and the white house said, wait a minute, we can't talk about this. go back and fix it. so the c.i.a. did change it. the c.i.a. did come up with it. but clearly the white house and the state department saw the political peril and said, go back to your room. fix this. >> brian: i don't know why the c.i.a. gave in. but listen what general petraeus on his e-mail. this is what he said. so for those of you who think it's the c.i.a.'s idea and were fine with the final product. here is his quote, frankly, i just as soon not use this.
and he goes on to say, why is all this changed? no word. you don't have listed in here that we gave you warning about a hit on 9-11 in cairo as well as benghazi. >> gretchen: he also changed his story later on, which raises even more questions. why did he tell members of congress and the media that it actually was the islamic videotape? that is a huge mystery. and it still doesn't answer the question of what is the protocol? when the c.i.a. has an event, iw the state department and the white house? is that always the protocol? >> brian: ambassador rice is going out there and they had to give her something to say. however, i always wonder if there are c.i.a. directors who said i will not sign off on this. i don't care if it's president bush or president clinton. >> gretchen: why? why did he? >> steve: but the c.i.a. hand them -- the first thing they gave them was the finalized version. it was the finalized version. but then the white house and hillary clinton state department said you got to change it.
>> brian: this is what i don't know and this might be an easy answer and you don't know either is that the intelligence agency says i will not sign this because this does not reflect my belief. >> gretchen: that's my question. it has never been answered. as well as david petraeus' role in changing his mind. all right. you can see we can talk about this forever. but we got to do other headlines. developing stories, russia raised the stakes in syria in a frightening way. report just out says russia sold advance cruise missiles to the syria government. another sign of their support for president assad. russia has given missiles to syria in the past, but these are outfitted with an advanced radar that makes them a whole lot better at blowing up ships. man convicted of murder after his victim identifies him by blinking. the victim was paralyzed after being shot and only able to communicate through blinking. he was able to identify this man
by blinking three times when he saw his photo. the victim died two weeks later. accused terrorist nabbed on the streets of idaho. 30-year-old man will be in federal court this morning. the f.b.i. raided the apartment yesterday. he was reportedly conspiring with a terror group in his home country to use a weapon of mass destruction. >> what's going on here just gives me chills even now to talk about it. goose pumps and hair on the back of my head. >> gretchen: officials say he had all the ingredients needed to make a bomb. a surprise she'll never forget. the nine-year-old throwing out the first pitch. she was told she was chosen from a group of military family members to throw ou the pitch. she had no idea the man behind the plate was not a professional baseball player. it was her dad just home from afghanistan. >> i was very excited and for a
second i thought like it was a dream. >> i'm just still in complete shock. i had no idea. usually i pick up on things. i just had no idea whatsoever. very excited. >> gretchen: colonel will adams spent most of the last two years in afghanistan. he arrived wednesday and spent the night in a hotel room. he says that was the hardest part. he was back home and he wasn't able to see his family until he played out that whole surprise. >> steve: that's terrific. >> brian: 12 minutes after the hour. next on our run down, if you played the home "fox & friends" game, which we mail out to everyone, what a week in washington. mike gallagher is on deck to explain why he feels the wheels are coming off. and i put the wheels in quotes because that's what he used. and why he says you better buckle up because it's about to get a whole lot worse. >> steve: and sorry, kids. the hotel pool closed. why? watch this. that car is heading toward what? the hotel pool did you know, your eyes can lose vital nutrients as you age?
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another trial. the last day of the o. j. simpson trial. the woman expected to refute claims made by simpson that he was hammered during the hotel robbery and the lawyer who represented o.j. when he was convicted of that crime also on the stand today. simpson says he botched his case. steve? >> steve: gretch, president obama in the midst of what is probably the worst week of his presidency. surrounded by the growing scandals at the irs, the department of justice, and the ongoing probe into what happened in benghazi. so what does this say about the president's leadership? joining us is radio talk show host, mike gallagher. i think the president would like a do over on this week. >> like a time machine. can i go back just two weeks is all i need? i think the perfect metaphor is the old fable of the scorpion and the frog. remember that? the scorpion wanted to get on the frog's back and he said wait a minute, you're going to sting me in the back and the scorpion said i won't do that, we'll both
drown. the frog took a chance. he hops on, they go halfway across and the frog feels a sting. he says, you fool. we're going to both drown now. why did you do that? the scorpion did a dance and he said, i don't know. it's just my nature. [ laughter ] that's what's happening. right now the press is the scorpion and finally stinging the frog in the back, because of the phone scandal. that's the -- the third one is what is going to do the obama administration in. >> steve: and as you look back, it started last week when we heard from the whistle blowers and suddenly we have faces and we have stories and it's like wow. why hasn't the main stream media been paying attention to that? got the ball rolling. then the irs thing, then suddenly obama attacks his base, the main stream media! red alert! >> think about how you would feel if you had your cell phone records stolen or if the government was spying on you. they have alienated their advocates in a big way. but i don't think the media would have held the obama administration accountable just
for benghazi benefiting. they've ignored fast and furious and ignoring obamacare. i don't think they would have held them accountable for the irs thing. but you steal our records, says the ap, now all bets are off and we're going to sting you in the back and we're all going to go down together. >> steve: you've got this great big scandal cake that the administration has baked up over the last week and yesterday the icing on the top was the fact that the woman who was in charge of cracking down on tea parties at the irs turns out now she is in charge of cracking down on people in the irs department overlook obamacare. >> i mean, steve, if the fiercest critic of this administration wrote a script, this is what the script would look like. >> steve: nobody would believe it! >> you can't believe it. they'd say that's implausible. there is no way they could be this obtuse. >> steve: why did she get the job? >> good question. now the media, again, stung and
prompted to start investigating, now perhaps will see the main stream media start to do its job, actually do some investigative reporting and finally peel back the layers of what i think is one of the most awful administrations in the history of america. >> steve: he is my gallagher radio talk show host. you hear him all across the country. thank you. >> take care. >> steve: straight ahead, shea saw her four-year-old being snatched from in front of her in her yard and sprung into action chasing the kidnapper in her car for seven miles. wait until you hear what she did next. and our friend and superman actor dean cain is here. he has something to say you don't normally hear out of hollywood. he's got some common sense. look at that. he's reading a book
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>> brian: it was a monster. those words coming from a texas official describing the tornadoes that devastated the northern part of the state and left six people dead. this video showing us one of the twisters that tore right through there. we now know 16 tornadoes touched down. 16. today crews will be back out searching for seven people still missing. anna kooiman is live on the ground with a look at devastation. the sun is up, huh? >> yeah. we're starting to get a second peek at day two out here. this home is now perpendicular to the road. it used to sit parallel. we see trees are uprooted, a kitchen table turned over. toys, bicycle, training wheels. on the side of this wall, you imagine this family thanking their lucky stars that they made
it out alive. neighbors say they got out just ten minutes before the roof was torn off. we've got aerial pictures we can show you of the hardest hit areas still sealed off to the media and the public as well. the national weather service confirming 16 tornadoes and the sheriff here saying that six people are dead. two of them are in their 80s. seven people still unaccounted for. hundreds are injured. we did speak with some of the storm victims. let's take a listen. >> the roof comes off, the walls are collapsing and what's going through your mind? >> i look at my mother-in-law and was frozen and it was to get her and get out of the that was it. >> do you have insurance? >> no. >> what's the plan now? >> we don't know. >> we thank god we're safe and we could repair our house and people, we can't replace. >> it's erie as we're looking around some of the storm ravaged
homes, clothes still hanging in the closets in someplace. the canned goods are still in the cabinets. where we are here, this home completely demolished. but if you look to my left, this home, we spoke with these residents, the roof was torn off. they fixed that yesterday. we saw power crews out. the lights are back on of the so things are slowly, slowly, starting to get back to normal. but maria, you mentioned the heat. we spoke with an elderly woman yesterday who was absolutely parched. she was fearful she was being dehydrated. what do they have to expect later today and into this weekend? >> that's terrible, anna. good to see you. hello, everybody. we're talking about very hot temperatures in the forecast. very unfortunate. we have people without power, without air conditioning. we're talking upper 90s by the time we head into tomorrow across the city, one of the hardest hit cities in texas, granbury. 98 degrees on saturday. still in the 90s as we head into sunday. we're talking about a brand-new storm system that will be
developing in the center of the country. first, that system that spawned tornadoes in texas farther east, still keeping a slight chance for severe storms in parts of alabama and mississippi as we head into later on this afternoon and into tonight. a brand-new storm, much more powerful and much larger system could produce severe weather, from texas all the way up into minnesota, north dakota, and as far east as illinois saturday, sunday and into monday, brian. of course, we're going to keep an eye on this. large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes possible again. >> brian: all right. thanks. we'll check in with both of you shortly as we follow the people in texas. three minutes before the bottom of the hour. next, we guess feds are too busy targeting the tea party and spying on the associated press because two terrorists went missing and may have been on your flight. are the leaked scandals the president's criptonnite? we'll ask actor dean cain and
his answer not what we usually here from a superstar like him, who is sauntering into our studio, unlike stuart varney, who strolls i want to make things more secure.
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>> this is the oscar meyer interview, a new hot dog with bacon cooked right into it. [ cheering ] or as chris christie put it, is it possible to reverse that lap band procedure?
>> gretchen: he could probably have one. he just has to have less of it. right? >> brian: right. they say this is an art to eating with a lap band. >> steve: chris christie said he went for a big steak shortly after he had it, he could only eat a third of it and felt fine. >> brian: good news all around. except you have to pay the full bill whether you have a lap band in your stomach or not. >> steve: plus bacon hot dog, that's the lead story. >> brian: right. or as gavin likes to put in the prompter, next on the rundown. two suspected terrorists vanishing without a trace thanks to the witness protection program. a shocking report from the inspector general reveals the justice department failed to updade the no fly list with their new identities that allowed them and possibly others to board commercial planes. >> there is a clear lack of accountability here. it is very disturbing, very alarming that we would create a
situation where we're giving terrorists a new identity and then not keeping track of them. >> brian: right. we lost two. the doj claims problems have been largely corrected. >> steve: great. >> gretchen: okay. she saw her four-year-old being snatched right from her front yard in new mexico. she sprung into action, chasing the kidnapper in her car for seven miles. mom then slammed her car right into david hernandez' vehicle. what she didn't know? hernandez had pushed the girl out of the car. she was okay. hernandez got away on foot, but turned himself in. >> steve: an incredible crash in florida, all caught on camera. a car loses control, narrowly missing another car head on. seconds later, it hits a parked car, sending that parked car flying into a pool at a motel. thankfully nobody in the pool when it happened. the driver was taken to the hospital. no word on why she lost control, but that was stunning. speaking of stunning, go ahead.
>> brian: legend of international soccer hanging up his cleats. david beckham. >> steve: this is the video? >> brian: yeah. go ahead. announcing he will retire at the end of the season. this is lauren pettersson's idea. the 38-year-old has won titles with four different teams. he also made 115 international appearances for england. but evidently not everybody is impressed. the most of anyone ever aside from goal keepers. >> gretchen: see, he even made you screw up 'cause you were watching him in his underwear. >> brian: right. if you look at the video, i don't make any mistakes. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: okay. there is nothing mistaked about his body, i can tell you that. another guy who looks good -- who wrote this? >> brian: i did. >> steve: no kidding. he's an actor in ego mania.
>> gretchen: you do, but i want to be a little sensitive. another guy who looks just like superman, superman, dean cain. good morning. >> good morning. >> steve: we've been talking a little bit about things in the news. you've been keeping track. we got three big scandals going on in washington right now. >> it's not a good week for the current administration. there is a lot going on. you know what? not a big surprise to me. i sort of expected that, when you grow government like that, things happen. >> brian: david axelrod said that. instead of saying, wow, my ex boss screwed up. he said, government is just too big. as if he didn't have a hand. >> i'm just saying, isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? >> gretchen: i think along that theme is sort of that this administration said how transparent they were going to be. i think that's part of the problem is when you vow to come to washington and make huge changes and change the way washington works, then people might hold you to that. when do you exactly the opposite -- >> you know, i was saying that
the first transparent as they are, it's like they put an iron curtain that even superman couldn't see through. >> gretchen: oh,. >> steve: it wouldn't be iron. it would be lead. taking a look at -- i'll tell you about criminal ton night during the commercials. the scandal with the thing about the woman who had been cracking down on tea party, now working on obamacare. of the three scandals, the one that bothers you the most seems to be benghazi. >> it's terrible for me because four guys died. sean smith's mother sat there and hillary clinton said, we're going to get that guy who did that video. if i were a parent and she said that to me, i would be incensed. you want justice. i also want to know that they're coming to get my guy and i have a huge, huge affinity for the military. we don't leave them like that. >> brian: you know from the guys you know how upset they were about the way this was handled.
>> horribly upset. and there is guys who say, i'm going anyway and they would go if they had the opportunity. whoever told them to stand down, hopefully we'll get that answer. >> brian: you have a relationship with us. you come see us even if you didn't have a movie out. >> yes, i would. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: or new tv show. >> i would. >> brian: but you have something to promote. that's just aside from the point. you wouldn't mind coming and not promoting it, right? >> absolutely. >> gretchen: he has a new series on vh 1 called "hit the floor." let's look at it. >> the entrance to the gym is this way. >> there is no point in my being there. >> oh, come on. you're judging finals with brilliant pr. you're coming back to coach your old team. this is awesome promotion. >> they're not promoting me. they're not even promoting basketball. this is about the dancers. who can gotten completely out of control. it's a distraction to the game, to my players, to everything. >> steve: the former superman is
now on vh 1, the music channel. >> it's so funny. mtv started as a music channel. it's their first or second scripted series. former all star, which would be nice, former all star who basically coaches a professional team. has to judge the dance girls and -- >> brian: the los angeles devils. >> i spent a lot of time doing that. >> gretchen: i see that you must have seen that latest survey that came out that said women like beards. >> yeah. see, i took it off because my son won't let me kiss him. >> gretchen: exactly! >> it drives me insane. so i took it off yesterday. >> brian: a mix of basketball and dancing girls? >> which is pretty much heaven for me. >> brian: that's called the nba. [ laughter ] >> steve: today, dean, is with us. had you been here earlier in the week, you would be in our best of the week package. would you like to review what happened? >> i would love to. >> steve: roll the tape!
>> hello to summer. >> lemon cello, has vodka in it. that's more for the after work. >> brian: is that allowed? aren't children buying this? >> gretchen: do you think you can dance? >> you can have pom poms. you can't even see them. i like the head nodding. >> steve: how about chair dancing? >> air punch. >> brian: dare you mock the host. >> we saw claims on the rise, 32,000 to 360,000. so that obviously a disappointment to the economists, hoping for 330,000. >> brian: you're going to watch this tape back later and i showed you not only isn't walking good for one person, it's trial good for two. >> the man has props. >> steve: no kidding. >> brian: in high school i had that on the dash board my mustang. >> steve: ladies and gentlemen -- >> brian: no wonder i had trouble getting dates. >> gretchen: should i get behind
the wheel of that and try and parallel park it. >> brian: where are the keys? we need the keys. >> gretchen: is he going to do the sports? you have a flashlight. >> brian: do you have the light? >> gretchen: on the black berry. you'll just be in halo. you're so angelic anyway. >> steve: that is one bright light. >> brian: here from another dimension, i like to bring you -- knopf now you have to go to confession. >> steve: we first learned of you in disney and high school musical. now adult movies. "carey movie 5". >> now i'm not allowed to go on the couch. >> gretchen: no, you can. >> you ever watch bewitched. >> brian: guy, toss to martha. >> ma that, this is guy. talk to you. >> steve: very nice. okay. she's not in an adult movie. >> brian: did we straighten that out? what is wrong with you. the whole thing is she was on a
tv show that was not an adult movie. >> steve: you're series is on vh 1 when? >> it's may 27 at 9:00 o'clock. it's a lot of fun. >> brian: good job, dean. >> thank you. >> brian: straight ahead on our show. >> gretchen: the irs official in charge of targeting tea party is now running the agency's obamacare office. up next, a congressman who says he has a plan to dependent the irs out of the -- get the irs out of the health care business. >> steve: she's 101 years old, she's about to smoke brian and moi. >> gretchen: first the aflac trivia question of the day. this boxer was named after ray charles, his mother's favorite singer. be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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there's a new way to fightezer orlitter box odor.are. introducing tidy cats with glade tough odor solutions. two trusted names, one amazing product. >> gretchen: stunning revelations in the irs scandal. we we know the official who was in charge is now running the agency's obamacare implementation office. and now one republican congressman is introducing a bill that he says will keep the irs from enforcing the president's health care virginia congressman joins me this morning from washington. good morning to you. >> good morning, gretchen.
>> gretchen: either you have esp or something else is going on here because you introduced this bill long before the revelations of the irs scandal, correct? >> that's right, gretchen. you just had superman on your show and even he's afraid of the internal revenue service. you can imagine the rest of america. one of the things we realize, it's not a single individual. it's culture that does this and the internal revenue service is the most intimidating agency in the united states of america. we realized back in 2010 the problem this was going to have. we introduced the legislation. we couldn't get people to pay attention to it. now we got a lot of people copying it and saying it's time for us to get the irs out of our health care. >> gretchen: what are your -- what's your number one concern about the irs being in charge of obamacare? >> gretchen, first of all, it is the power that the irs has that's different than any other agency, any other department. the irs doesn't have to prove something against you. they can walk in and you've got the burden of proof. the second thing is we know there is a huge disconnect between the information, they're
legally entitled to get and what they actually get and also a disconnect between how they can use that information and how legally they're supposed to use that information. we think hiring thousands of new agents and putting more and more information in their hands is a terrible thing for the american people and when you see all these revelations that have come out over the last several weeks, it ought to frighten every american and at least give us pause to step back and say, put it somewhere else. but don't give all this power to the irs. >> gretchen: what do you think about the fact that this woman, who was in charge of the office that was targeting conservative groups, was recently promoted to be in charge of the irs's interaction for obamacare? if she was targeting 470 conservative groups at last count, what about 50% of the american public that doesn't like obamacare? >> gretchen, it's exactly the case and as you realize, this is not a single individual. this is a whole culture. you don't do this with one or two individuals. this is a pattern. i think we're going to find the more we look into it and to have
her now in charge of this ought to be frightening to americans because it just shows how our rights will be jeopardized. again, when you put this kind of power in a single agency or department, we start looking one more like a third world country instead of the great democracy that we ought to be. >> gretchen: and just to remind our viewers, we were going to give them and still are, unless your bill goes through, $440 million in taxpayer money to the irs to implement obamacare. >> gretchen, our bill takes all of that out. >> gretchen: all right. congressman randy forbes, keep us abreast as to what happens. thanks. >> thanks. >> gretchen: next, she's got the secret to staying young. meet the woman who is 101 years old and still going to the gym every single day. first on this day in history in 1980, "call me" by blonde. it was the number within song. ♪ call me ♪ look what mommy is having.
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>> brian: one fit logo. >> steve: speaking of fit, the aflame trivia answer, sugar ray leonard and our winner is suzanne in pennsylvania. meanwhile, a story sure to get you off your couch. our next guest more than a century old and yet, she still wakes up and exercises once, sometimes twice a day. >> brian: steve, i don't know if i can believe this, but to see her in person, i believe it. joining us now is the remarkable 101-year-old gertrude halprin and her great nephew, mark, and gina is with us. you've been working out this morning, gertrude. congratulations on everything you've accomplished.
>> steve: gertrude, i understand you work out a couple times a day. you're in great shape. what is the secret to a long life? >> a little glass of wine once a day. >> steve: what time? >> before dinner. >> steve: before dinner. all right. >> brian: i imagine, gina -- >> don't forget. >> brian: will someone get steven sop wine 'cause she won't let up. twice a day you're work with her? >> yes. >> brian: you see her workout. gertrude, where do you get the energy? where does the energy come from? where do you get the energy to bike like this? >> from exercise. >> brian: the more you exercise -- >> every day, every day. >> steve: yeah, that's right. she does it every day. she lives in boca. keeps her mind nice and sharp. we were talking earlier. brian, i did promise we would
come down and visit. we are going to come and visit. >> please, please do. >> steve: absolutely. we will. and you know what? mark here has got a special honor for you, the new jersey assembly is going to do what on her birthday? >> the new jersey senate and new jersey assembly has made a resolution making it gertrude halprin day. >> brian: fantastic. >> steve: on her birthday when she'll be 103? >> 102. >> brian: you make us happy. you give us inspiration and hope. i was redding this in your background notes. it says if someone asks you out and they're in their 80s and 90s, you say they' too old. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> brian: that's what you say. you insult a 90-year-old and tell them they're too old. how dare you? >> steve: we're going to come to boca. >> be my guest. >> steve: you'll be my guest. >> i would love that. >> brian: i'm bringing the ankle
weights. >> you're so nice here. >> steve: it's beautiful. we love florida. we have a lot of viewers down in florida right now. you are an inspiration. 101-year-old. what's that? i said you are an inspiration. gertrude halprin. yes, it will be gertrude halprin day. >> brian: gina, you have your hands full to keep up. gertrude, you have the handshake of a power lifter. it was great meeting you. thanks so much for coming down. >> i never get tired. >> steve: i know that. >> brian: i'm so jealous! >> i don't know if you guys can keep up with her. >> steve: i don't think so either. thank you very much. >> brian: special thanks to norditrack for lending us this stuff. she might take this home. >> steve: straight ahead, the white house release dozens of pages of e-mail related to the benghazi attacks. but there are thousands more out there. so is this enough? geraldo rivera on deck to weigh in next hour.
>> brian: and former secretary of defense, he's done everything in government and in the private sector. donald rumsfeld here live. country superstar trace adkins does not like me, but he likes you. he'll be here at the top of the hour and he brought his instrument. [ bell dings ] [ crowd cheering ] [ male announcer ] for sensitive skin, there's fusion proglide. our micro thin blades are thinner than a surgeon's scalpel for our gentlest shave. switch to fusion proglide. gillte. the best a man can get. switch to fusion proglide. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k)
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kadonk. trace adkins is going to be in the finals of "celebrity apprentice" on sunday and he's going to be here first to sing for us and as you know, we don't get along. so fireworks aplentiy as he comes out with a new album, not called x. >> steve: it was ten! >> brian: "fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: it makes perfect sense to name your tenth album x. >> brian: i didn't know it was a roman numeral. so i say congratulations on your album, x. >> brian: and he called me an idiot. >> gretchen: brian was so proud to announce to me, i'm so excited he's moved on to number
11. >> steve: he's going to be with us. he's also flavor of ice cream. he's got his own ice cream as penn gillette and they're trying to raise money for "celebrity apprentice." all that and so much more, including geraldo rivera who is offstage. >> gretchen: let's get to the headlines. in a few hours, the outgoing head of the irs will face a grilling on capitol hill over the agency's targeting of conservative groups and it comes on the heels of a troubling bombshell about obamacare. fox news confirming sarah hall ingram, the woman who headed the department that singled out the groups, is now in charge of the agency's major expansion into obamacare enforcement. republican congressman randy forbes is leading a push to make sure the irs has nothing to do with obamacare and taxpayer dollars. >> one of the things we realize, it's not a single individual. it's a culture that does this and the internal revenue service is the most intimidating agency in the united states of america. we realized back in 2010, the problem this was going to have. we introduced the legislation. we couldn't get people to pay
attention to it. but now we got a lot of people copying it and saying, hey, it's time for us to get the irs out of our health care. >> gretchen: last night the house voted for the 37th time to repeal obamacare. a man convicted of murder after a victim identifies him by blinking. the victim was paralyzed after being shot, was only able to communicate through blinking. he was able to identify this man, ricardo wood, by blinking three times when he saw his photo. the victim, unfortunately, died two weeks later. two terrorists nabbed on the streets of idaho. one will be in federal court. the f.b.i. raided the apartment yesterday. he was reportedly conspiring with a terror group in his home country to use a weapon of mass destruction. >> what's going on here, just gives me chills, like even now talking about it, goose bumps and hair on the back of my head. >> gretchen: officials say he had all of the ingredients needed to make a bomb. here is a sure fire way to
get caught red handed. butt dialing the police. >> 911, state your emergency. >> i want to smoke weed so bad right now. hold it. >> gretchen: the dispatcher listened in for 35 minutes, hear the two suspects smash ago car window to steal prescription drugs. this happened in fresno, california. they were pulled over while still on the phone and arrested. >> brian: ironically, that's your first guest this weekend, right? >> i was wondering how many husbands have been caught cheating on their wives because their phones butt dialed in the middle of something. >> brian: if you got caught butt dialing, let us know. >> good morning. >> steve: we're having a great week. the white house, has had the darkest week. >> terrible, terrible. you know, the problem with the
president now is you remember all times he played golf and you just -- you think to yourself, what should he been doing rather than expending that eight hours on the green? >> gretchen: but he's already said he knew nothing. >> that's the point. >> gretchen: eric holder said he knew nothing as well. that seems to be the new motto on capitol hill. >> taking the president at his word, he seems to disengaged. he seems a bystander. that's the new expression being used to characterize him. this is the situation where that cool and unflappable demeanor of his, which was a great quality, no sweat obama all those years, now has come back to haunt him. now he seems like a disengaged manager. i don't think that he's engaged in criminal activity, but it does seem as if he's allowed the kids to run wild in the house. >> brian: what is worse, that he's pretending as if he wasn't a part of it or if he actually is not a part of it, the decisions, from the benghazi situation, the changing of the e-mails, the irs, and their
agenda, not understanding what's going on with the no fly list and the terrorists who get their name changed in protective custody and no one ever tells them their new names? what is worse? >> i'm not sure i can characterize one as worse because -- >> steve: it's all bad. >> yeah. i kind of got lost in the jumble there. but take it one by one. in benghazi, it seems to have been this match, i was going to use the p word match between the state department and the c.i.a. david petraeus seems to be the only adult in the room now. he's the one who said, after they had been doctoring the talking points for several days, that he preferred not to be associated with it. >> brian: he didn't sign them. >> in retrospect, he seems to be the unhonest broker in the room. >> gretchen: except he changed his story later on, which remains suspicious. >> good point. we'll see where that one goes. in terms of the irs, i think it is improbable that the president
of the united states was engaged actively in persecuting the tea party. the question is, was anyone else in the white house similarly disengaged or they, in fact, part of a conspiracy to harass right wing or conservative groups? i think that is the biggest vulnerability to the president and to me, that's where this whole process of being the disengaged cool guy will come back to haunt him. >> steve: you know, maybe this is the case, you know over the last ten days or so, the scandal ball got rolling when we heard from the whistle blowers and then a couple days later, it hit the fan with the irs. but what really got the main stream media steamed was the fact that the justice department grabbed a bunch of e-mail phone logs. so suddenly his base, the main stream media, the white house press corp, they were angry at him. maybe they've seen this guy all along, but now that they're steamed, we're seeing it. >> i don't disagree that was the catalyst for the main stream media to be annoyed. but to me, that's the most benign of the scandals because i really do believe, when you
consider what it was that the justice department was trying to do, find out who leaked very sensitive information about a key c.i.a. operation in yemen, did someone leak that to the associated press in a way that would harm national security, that's a legit beef. and that's something that they should investigate. >> steve: but maybe -- >> gretchen: maybe just those five reporters. they looked into the records of 100 reporters. i do agree that i think it's the most benign. i think the irs situation is that everyone fears the irs in general and i think that they think they could be coming after them next. >> i disagree that the irs should be disengaged from the enforcement of obamacare because i've seen how hospitals are now taking advantage of obamacare and screwing the taxpayers. so i think that the irs, formidable, irs should stay engaged in that. however, this is where -- gretchen, you're right -- this is where i think there is criminal exposure because you can not do what they did because
that is a crime and then lying about it, the cover-up is always worse than the crime. that's where i believe there is a malignancy. that's where i believe this, we have only just begun to learn who will be held responsible. and now miss ingram, is that her name, going to enforce obamacare, very unfortunate timing because she was in charge of the tax exempt division of the irs between 2010 and 2012, the period at issue here. >> brian: are you calling on her not to be named? >> i think they should suspend that or go slow at that because once she's confirmed to that position -- >> gretchen: wait a minute, you think it was just a total coincidence that she was named to that post after being responsible for targeting conservatives? >> yes. i can't imagine that she was rewarded for targeting conservative groups by getting that big job because i think that the president is smart enough to know that if you take someone who is wounded in that way, if they have this disease, this scandal attached to them and you give them a big job,
it's not going to protect them. it's only going to make the president seem more -- >> gretchen: nobody knew about it. and the president claims he didn't know about it until he read about it in the news. >> hasn't the i.g. been investigating this for at least a year? i can't imagine that they had absolutely zero knowledge, but we'll find out. i think that she is probably the next in line. you got the acting commissioner. now i think it's miss ingram. >> brian: they fired her replacement. he was there for eight days. >> do you need a job, brian? >> brian: i'd love the bonus, yeah. >> not body. 90 grand. i'm not sure for what. >> steve: what about the initial story that came out, there were these two. now we know there were four people, low level guys in the cincinnati office. obviously, according to the fox affiliate out in cincinnati, they've already told people, look, we were just following orders from above. how high does this go? >> well, i wish i knew. and where does it -- >> steve: what does your gut tell you?
>> my gut tells me there is -- i believe there will definitely be people found guilty of lying to congress under oath. i think that that is always the vulnerability, that's always where they get you, you know. you can not lie to a federal official. not just in those hearings, but also if questioned by the f.b.i. or any other federal investigator. >> steve: targeting conservatives, that is against the law as well. >> using the irs for a political purpose is definitely against the law. i think that one is much more difficult to prove if they can show they went after or any of these left wing groups. it will be the cover-up of the it's always the cover-up. that's the parallels to historic scandals past and i think that's where this will resonate. the president will be haunted, i believe, by the irs scandal far longer than the others. benghazi is much more emotional. we care deeply about finding out what we could have done, if anything, and certainly if the story wussies assembling, if the story was being altered, if they were really changing talking
points it protect the president politically because he was running for election, all that will resonate emotionally. but in terms of actually people going to jail and the scandal being prolonged and the presidency having a shadow over it and his agenda being in peril, i think the irs is the one. there is a lot going on. >> steve: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> brian: when did do we watch you? >> saturday night at 10:00 o'clock. we'll do benghazi. we got exclusive information we'll be revealing for the first time. >> gretchen: fantastic. have a good weekend. >> thank you. >> gretchen: still ahead, so much for security, more than a half million dollars in gold stolen from one of the nation's busiest airports. how in the world did that happen? >> steve: who take gold to the airport? plus, we're getting an exclusive look inside jodi arias' jail cell. yep. pink sheets, newspaper clippings and a cat. will she spend the rest of her life there or get the death penalty? fox news legal eagle artie aidala coming up next.
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>> gretchen: pink sheets, newspaper clippings, and a cat? an exclusive look inside convicted killer jodi arias' jail cell. this after emotional testimony from the victim's family. >> we can never get him back.
we are so grateful for our wonderful brother and we feel so lucky and blessed for the time we had with travis. however short lived. >> gretchen: we also learned that arias' defense team tried to pull themselves off of her case and they were denied by the judge. why would they make such a request this late in the game? here to weigh in is fox news legal analyst arthur aidala. so much to talk about. >> yeah. unless you walked a mile in their shoes, meaning the defense attorneys' shoes, you don't know what it's like. like i don't know what it's like to be a coal miner. i don't know what it's like to be in the middle of a blizzard. sitting next to a client, even when you know there are 100% guilty, there is a bond, just a physical bond because you are sitting next to them for this huge amount of time. but the same way in a marriage and siblings like sometimes that bond goes really bad, it seems
like that bond has kind of gone really bad and they're all in different directions and fractured. >> gretchen: could it be that last week after she was convicted she gave an interview on television saying she wants the death penalty and then you're her attorneys and you have to save face for yourself and argue against the death penalty? >> obviously it's totally doesn't make any sense. and as a defense attorney, you're not going to go up there and tell the jury, yes, please kill my client. that's really what she wants. it's just not what we do. >> gretchen: why not? because i think some people in the general public would appreciate honesty because it costs taxpayers lots of money to go through all these appeals to put a person on death row. >> i'll tell you the truth. i don't want the responsibility of being an executioner. i'm a lawyer. i'm here to make sure her constitutional rights are protected, that the government does everything the right way, that the judge does everything the right way, if they don't, there is an appeal. i'm not going to the next step and i'm going to be the decider of her sentence.
>> gretchen: isn't this setting itself up for an appeal by her claiming she wants the death penalty and then her attorneys have to go and speak in the opposite direction? doesn't that set herself up for appeal? is that why she did it? >> it depends on what the actual outcome is. if the outcome is that she does get the death penalty, she's got to be the one to appeal. she's got to sign her own appeal. if she's not totally full of it, which that remains to be seen and she does get the death penalty, let's see if she appeals because there was a case very recently where the inmate did not want to appeal and everyone is trying to force him to appeal. he didn't and he was executed and that was that. the most sane thing she's ever said is, i would rather have the death penalty than live the next 60 years in a little box with no tv, no magazine, no radio. >> gretchen: you got to feel a little for her attorneys. in the closing arguments, one of them said it's not whether or not you like jodi arias. nine days out of ten, i don't like jodi arias. >> that's probably accurate. and gretchen, they've been working on this case for years. they don't sleep. they don't see their families.
they are working for someone who they probable will he don't like -- >> gretchen: but we come full circle. why would you ask to be off the case after all that time? i got to go. have a great weekend. >> you, too. >> gretchen: remember when the feds released those low risk illegals 'cause of the sequester? it turns out they weren't so low risk after all. they were felons. the proof coming up next. and country music superstar trace adkins performs live on our plaza. right before he goes to the finals of "celebrity apprentice" . ♪ ♪
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>> gretchen: time for a little math. news by the numbers.
the number 32. that's how many illegal immigrants released because of the sequestration, had multiple felony convictions. 12 of them are still free. the obama administration initially said only low risk offenders were to be released. next, $550 million. that's how much the powerball jackpot has jumped. tomorrow's drawing, get your tickets now. the odds of winning, one in 175 million. finally, $625,000. that's how much gold went missing off the tarmac at miami international airport. five airport employees now being investigated. brian? >> brian: he's a multi platinum selling country superstar and this week trace adkins released his 11th studio album. that would be xi. >> gretchen: no! [ laughter ] >> brian: why are you mad already? >> i was really hoping that the
sequester would have gotten rid of you. [ laughter ] >> brian: they had to get rid of one. >> you survived the sequester. >> brian: unfortunately. >> i can't believe it. >> brian: i know. unfortunately -- >> steve: famously on this program when his album x came out, depict bid a roman numeral x. >> gretchen: now he said xl. >> now he said xl. >> gretchen: maybe he was thinking of young gun size. >> i don't know. >> steve: how are you? >> he doesn't even though what he's thinking. >> brian: at least you agree i was thinking. you are in the sunday edition of the apprentice because you are in the finals of the "celebrity apprentice" against penn gillette. you hate him, don't you? >> with a passion. >> steve: do you not. >> brian: two big guys, two big intellects. >> i love penn. he and i, we -- we've known each other for years anyway. we have been familiar with each other for some time now.
i thought the first day when i got on the set and i kind of perused the cast, i thought if i'm going to win this thing, which is what i came here to do, i'm going to have to go through him. >> gretchen: there you are. so you had to come up with your own creation of an ice cream for the final task. you don't know who won yet, but this is the ice cream you came up with. what is it? >> maple macadamia mash-up. i didn't know what a mash-up was. little jon had to educate me. it's when you take two different styles of music and put them together. >> brian: you did not know, wow. >> i didn't know that. >> steve: it's big on the maple. >> so -- it is. the maple is strong. it's good though, right? >> steve: delicious. >> our ice cream wizard young lady asked me, 'cause i had no idea. she said, what's your favorite candy? i said maple nut candy. she said what's your favorite cookie? and i said macadamia. she said that's interesting. i don't think that's ever been done. >> steve: there it is. >> brian: who would benefit if you were to win? >> the american red cross. >> steve: very nice. >> they're hard at work right now in north texas, you know,
after all those storms and -- somewhere every minute of the day, there is a red cross volunteer in this country that's selflessly helping somebody else. you know. >> steve: you have helped so many people, organizations raise money in addition to american red cross and i know hundreds of thousands of dollars on the donald trump program, but wounded warriors, as well. no celebrity in america has done more for them to put their face and attach it to that cause. >> that's been an absolute privilege, just like representing the red cross has been a privilege. but the time that i've spent and sti am a spokesman for the wounded warrior project, it's an honor, really, just to be part of that whole organization. it's a great organization. >> brian: trace, donald trump watches every day. he's like a groupy. what message do you have for him, because he'll make the selection whether you win or not on sunday. >> yes, he will. he'll make the right call. >> brian: you're hoping it will be you. >> steve: we're going to run a
clip of you today, monday after he's already selected the winner. >> okay. >> steve: what would your monday comment to donald trump be? >> thanks. [ laughter ] >> brian: that's why you survived the boardroom. you stare people down and a man of few words. >> gretchen: i love your confidence. we're going to hear you sing coming up. >> brian: you have a new album out. >> gretchen: 20 minutes. it's called? >> spinal tap reference. y'all ever see "spinal tap." >> brian: that documentary? >> steve: it's like stonelength. >> you know what i'm talking about. >> brian: you can't tell us to shut up. it's a talk show. silence is bad. >> i still think the sequester should have gotten you, kilmeade. >> brian: i'll go find out if i come back. >> irs is coming after you, kilmeade. >> brian: allall right. >> steve: maybe they already have. trace, we'll see you very shortly. >> thanks. >> steve: coming up, you've heard of locks of love, right? well, the organization that donates hair to cancer patients,
accuses they can't account for $6 million in donations. my children donated hair to that. >> gretchen: take a look at this video. that's a bird. ♪ there is one thing they couldn't avoid ♪ ♪ ladies love country boys before global opportunities
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>> steve: talk about extreme weather. we're back with exclusive video of one of the 16 tornadoes that touched down in texas two days ago, killing six people. up to 200 mile-per-hour winds and bowling ball size hail destroyed dozens of homes. this morning, a massive clean-up is underway and crews are back out searching for seven missing people. anna kooiman live with a look at the devastation. as the sun comes up, you got a good look and it is terrible. >> it absolutely is, steve. to get an idea of how powerful those winds were, the house that i'm standing in front of right now, used to be all the way over here. those are the stairs. so the twister sucked it up and moved it all the way over here and you see the foundation is literally wrapped around the home here. if you want to take a look inside of the home, you see a sheet still on the bed. you see some type of work equipment back there, a hard
hat. you kind of get an idea of what life was like before these people were absolutely terrorized. neighbors tell us they got out ten minutes before the roof was torn off. some people say they heard sirens. others say they didn't. but the consensus is these twisters came in quick. >> it was two feet off the ground and we were rocking and the roof wadded up, blew off and smacked the back of the truck. >> were you afraid for your life? >> i didn't think i was going to make it. >> mime and my buddy thought we were going to pass away last night. >> chad griffin and his buddy out fishing, capturing this incredible exclusive video of hail they described larger than the size of grapefruit, even up to the size of bowling ball. hail splashing into the water, kicking up the water eight feet high. then capturing this video of the funnel while they were out there on their fishing trip from their boat. if you can just imagine the terror that they're going through with this. now i want to show you some
video of a roof torn off of a cabinet shop and an apartment. we did talk to some residents. let's listen to them. >> i walked outside into my garage, opened up the doors and there was no backside of the garage. i just saw the house behind us and it was -- my heart dropped. i grew up there since i was six years old. it's something to lose. >> a lot of these folks tell me that they don't have insurance and they're scrambling to try to find places to state your full name the red cross, we have seen them here, as well as a lot of grassroots volunteer groups. and gretchen, brian and steve, want to mention this is literally a rose among thorns all around here, you know, just kind of a bright spot among all of this rubble. back to you. >> steve: we need a bright spot. >> gretchen: lots of devastation. thank you so much. let's go to to maria molina who has been tracking the storms. >> we're talk being a brand-new storm system that will be
impacting the center of the country. i want to mention the weather in granbury, texas for the clean-up effort and so many people who don't have their homes or power. we're talking extreme heat. 98 degrees will be the high temperature tomorrow in granbury. 94 today. so please stay hydrated and try to go to a shelter where you have some cooler conditions. again, we do have a new storm system that will be developing as we head into this weekend and this is going to be a slow mover. it will be with us for several days out here across the center of the country. take a look at the cities impacted on saturday. from oklahoma city up to kansas city, sioux city and even in minneapolis. you could be looking at damaging wind gusts, large hail and also tornadoes and by damaging winds, we do mean wind gusts in excess of 60 miles per hour and like i mentioned, a slow mover. so by sunday, oklahoma city, you could be looking at strong storms to severe storms yet again. kansas city, that goes for you as well. wichita, kansas, and take a look at monday as we head into next week, kicking off the workweek,
north central texas, you could be seeing severe storms again. parts of oklahoma, missouri, all the way up into sections of illinois and those threats yet again in place with the wind gust, large hail and the tornadoes. steve, gretchen and brian? >> gretchen: thanks very much. now to other headlines. new overnight, russia raised the stakes in syria in a frightening way. a report just out says russia sold advanced cruise missiles to the syrian government. another sign of their support for president assad. russia has given missiles to syria in the past, but these are outfitted with an advanced radar that makes them whole lot better at blowing up ships. >> steve: prosecutors may call a surprise witness to the stand in the last day of the o. j. simpson event out there. the woman expected to refute claims made by simpson, he was hammered during the hotel robbery. a psychiatrist testifying yesterday in agreement.
>> not sufficient behavioral signs that he would have been intoxicated enough to not perceive the event around him. >> steve: also on the stand later today, the lawyer who represented o.j. when he was convicted. o.j. says his lawyer botched the case. >> brian: lots locks of -- locks of love accused of waste. the accusation that the cancer charity has $6 million worth of annual donations that cannot be accounted for. the watchdog nonprofit investor says the charity receives enough donations for 2,000 hair pieces per year, but only had 317 wigs in 2011. locks of love says it doesn't count donations, but denies any waste. >> gretchen: it's the bird catch being viewed around the world. >> coming at you! >> oh, my gosh! >> brian: wow. >> gretchen: that's pastor matt carter from the austin stone church in texas, the amazing bare hand catch.
they were filming a proceed foe for their new book. the video now going viral. >> brian: i would say so. that is absolutely incredible. >> steve: what reflexes. holy cow. >> brian: i chase my parakeet for two days. >> steve: you just wore it down. >> right. this guy grab has wild bird out of the sky. >> gretchen: did you ever catch it? >> brian: what happened is i bought a parakaty that was supposed to be hand trained. i allowed the wings to grow back and he made a run for it and i ended up having get a cage. so i would have been better off getting a cage for it. let's see if donald rumsfeld lists that story in his book. what does he think of this week's series of scandals? we'll talk to him live in moments. >> steve: we're going to tell you which popular airline will let you board before everybody
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>> steve: some final friday morning headlines for you. american airlines now letting those who have small carry-ons board early. they'll even check larger carry-ons right at the gate for you for free. the airline says this is going to help with arrival times. good luck. many colleges offering a student discounts to new students, including the university of maryland and the illinois institute of technology. the reason? a drop in employment. so drop the price, maybe they'll come. all right. brian, over to you and a special guest. >> brian: the president addressed the attack in benghazi, assuring americans he
would do everything possible to prevent another attack. that came out of nowhere. but has he done enough to change the narrative. let's ask congressman, wrestler, donald rumsfeld and author of this new book "rumsfeld rules." mr. secretary, first off, has the president done enough to explain what happened then? >> oh, my goodness, no. i'm afraid that he hasn't. of course, the first thing you want to do is to make sure whatever it is the people in the white house say is accurate. and to get the facts and regrettably, the narrative has been changing over a period of weeks now. that's unfortunate because as a result of that, people lose confidence and trust. >> brian: so you had so many military decisions to make during your years with president bush, of course. in a situation like benghazi, as
we know it, who would give the t save those four people who were fighting for their lives for nine hours, under your watch as secretary of defense? >> the only place it could come from is down the chain of command. it would have to come either from the president or from someone acting for the president through the secretary of defense and then down through the military chain of command. >> brian: you're saying it would come from the president. what if the president was not there? >> well, then a military commander or the secretary of defense -- the president and the secretary of defense are the command authorities in our government. and the national command authorities. it would either come from one of them or it would take place if it's been delegated, down the chain of command. it could very welcome from a combatant commander or somebody at a lower level. >> brian: we said david axelrod
was asked about all these white house. he says about the president, the president can't be held accountable for what goes wrong underneath him. do you think that's an accurate statement? >> of course not. the president seemed to have taken an awful lot of credit for the killing of osama bin laden, which, of course, was a very good thing for our country and for our countries. but that seems to be the only thing he's really taken credit for. and everything else, he either didn't know or he learned about in the newspaper or isn't responsible for. of course, that's just not the way an organization works. >> brian: right. i was going through your book. i had a chance to talk to you on the radio and i just love it. i'm going to pull out quotes no one is pulling out. sammy davis, junior, you came across him, he loved richard nixon. you came across those days. he has a statement in your book. you always have two choices. commitment verse your fear. what do you mean by that? >> i think what he meant was that in life when there is a
problem, you have to understand that there are difficulties and challenges and potential problems. on the other hand you have to look at the opportunities you may have to do something constructive and proper. and the balance of those things is what leaders have to address. >> brian: you actually take a rahm emanuel statement and don't necessarily reject it. you say when he said never let a crisis go to waste, you kind of agree. why? >> well, think of it. think if you're running a company like the company that had tylenol and all of a sudden, they had a terrible crisis. some of their product had been tampered with. and they seized the moment and were able to do things to reassure the american people that they had taken everything in, all the tylenol. this is years ago -- and in addition, they then fashioned tamper proof containers so that in fact, it wouldn't happen. i think there is an example of
using a crisis to do what's right. >> brian: if you're a leader of your family, of a business, small or large, a team or an organization, that's the type of thing rumsfeld rules would come in handy. you made a book. you owe the ford foundation some money. thanks so much, mr. secretary, for joining us. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> brian: all right. coming up next, a guy that really wishes i wasn't here, but i'm glad he's here. trace adkins, a cut off his brand-new album. he's tall. first let's check in with bill hemmer to who also has a great singing voice. >> trace adkins had a huge week. the outgoing head of the irs is about to sit in the hot seat during a hearing on the house side. it starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. we will watch this with great interest. and the man who rammed the investigation. he is there too. the attorney, by the way, who represents 27 of the tea party-related groups, he makes his case live for us this morning. michelle bachmann is here and so much more to talk about.
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>> steve: brand-new album called "love will." >> brian: how do you know? >> steve: i know 'cause trace adkins standing right next to you. good morning. >> good morning. >> brian: trace adkins is here, ladies and gentlemen! make him feel welcome! [ cheers and applause ] >> gretchen: you have somebody else with you. i understand that you recruited her. >> yeah. this is maureen. i heard her sing one night at columbia state in franklin, tennessee, and kobe calle sings me on the version of this on the album and he couldn't be here. maureen came. >> steve: what are you going to do for us? >> we're going to do "watch the
world in." >> steve: we're getting out of the way and we're going to watch ♪ i had a bad dream last night ♪ the whole world was ending right before my eyes ♪ ♪ there were fires and there were floods ♪ ♪ and everyone was running out of town ♪ ♪ it made me wonder what i'd do if we really came to the end of life ♪ ♪ i don't think i'd spend my lifetime in an office ♪
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♪ the one i'd think about, all i really want to do ♪ ♪ is watch the world end with you ♪ ♪ i'd watch the world end with you ♪ ♪ watch the world end with you ♪ ♪ >> that's maureen montez. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ as long as your hand was in mine ♪ ♪ i don't think i'd spend my
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>> gretchen: brian has successfully said something bad to trace adkins again. >> brian: i was trying to be nice. >> steve: good luck sunday. on a friday morning, fox news alert. talk about a hot seat. on the hill we're about to hear for the very first time the ousted irs chief talk as he takes questions from congress about his agency's targeting of conservatives. this could get hot. good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer. big and intriguing day today. well to "america's newsroom". martha: good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. this is the house ways and means committee. this is the first of several hearings that will dig into the irs matter and targeting of conservative groups opposed to president obama's agenda. bill: the president has shown the acting chief, steven miller, out the door. he is here today. we will hear from him. he was retiring in a few weeks